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Read My Take on Today's Hottest Topics

Image by Meghan Holmes
Image by Dane Wetton

Working in an ever-changing field, staying up to date on various topics that are taking the field by storm is a critical component of my work.

Read some of the latest topics that have caught my eye!

People often ask me what they can do to increase motivation when they decide to commit to an exercise program. Community engagement efforts like Global Running Day inspire thousands to exercise. 

I am taking this opportunity to hold space for a discussion about why people crack jokes during serious and what sometimes seems to be inappropriate times.

The ongoing obsession with longing for the past and propelling into the future seems to be a timeless concept that we see depicted in art throughout the centuries. 

5 Things Peloton Teaches Us About Mental Health

With over 51 million people in the U.S. experiencing mental health symptoms, it is important for counselors to share ways to help people experience relief year round.

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