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I love sharing services from others who I find to be especially helpful. 

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Nikki Kanter is my go-to for solving digital marketing problems. She has a unique business strategy, in that she doesn't compete with other marketers. Whether you need a marketer to help you craft a marketing plan for your business or have an existing department that needs someone to help them work through some challenges, Nikki is a trusted resource. She works with clients large and small and tailors her scope to meet your exact needs.  

Nikki Kanter

Logo image for Amy Hvizdos, freelance editor
Amy Hvizdos specializes in line editing, copyediting, and formatting; has experience editing in American Psychological Association (APA), Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS), American Chemical Society (ACS), and American Medical Association (AMA); and can offer either a comprehensive solution or customize a plan to accommodate specific needs.

Prior to becoming a mental health counselor, Jennifer Robertson was the founder and president of a children’s yoga organization in Chicago that focused on meditation and breathwork for children, teens, and families. Jennifer facilitated support groups for LGBTQ+ individuals and their families to educate, reunite families/loved ones, and provide resources. Jennifer served as the leader of the LGBTQIA Counseling Community at Northwestern University from 2018-2019 focusing on education, advocacy, and social justice. Jennifer uses an integrative approach drawing on client-centered, psychodynamic, and existential philosophies. Jennifer developed the Gender Inclusive Counseling™ model and hosts training programs to help mental health professionals increase their multicultural competency and advocacy specifically related to gender identity and expression. 

Jennifer’s pronouns are she/her/hers. 

Photograph of Jennifer Robertson

Jennifer Robertson

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