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Keynote and Media Expert
"As a nationally recognized keynote speaker and a graduate of the National Speakers Association-IL Speakers Academy, I design programs that grab audiences' attention and leaves them energized, inspired, and motivated." – Dr. Michele Kerulis

Dr. Kerulis is a nationally recognized professional speaker and a graduate of the National Speakers Association - IL Speakers Academy. She has been invited to speak over 95 times to audiences including elite athletes, executives, law partners, during medical Grand Rounds, to children, professional counselors, sport psychologists, college students, elite athletes, musicians and actors, and other high performers. Her diverse background has helped her become a sought-after speaker who motivates audiences to take immediate action to improve their lives. Her most popular talks are:

Demystify Mental Health - Learn the myths and facts about mental health, learn how to find a counselor, and learn how to help others become aware of the importance of mental health awareness.


Sport Psychology 101 - Sport psychology is the integration of psychology, sociology, and kinesiology applied to a sports setting. During this presentation, you will learn about the field of sport psychology and learn the counseling techniques Dr. Kerulis uses to help elite athletes, executives, and other high performers take control of their emotions to increase their confidence and consistency during high-pressure situations.

Awakening Your Wellness Philosophy - Join Dr. Kerulis in an exploration of balance in life and mental wellness based on her research with Mixed Martial Artists (MMA). Uncover a new perspective on the art and science of harmony as Dr. Kerulis discusses strategies to develop greater meaning in life. Audience members will learn how to create their own wellness philosophy based on understanding research related to meaning of life and happiness.

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