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Dr. Kerulis Featured in Self: 21 Signs of a Successful Workout

People often wonder how they can tell they had a successful workout. In addition to sweating and feeling the post-workout muscle soreness, Dr. Kerulis reminded people that success is sometimes not working out and it is ok to take a rest day. Her tip is listen to your body:

“The purpose of exercising is to strengthen your muscles, your heart, your lungs, and your overall health . . . But part of the psychological connection comes with being kind to yourself and knowing today is just not a good day for me to get out and get moving.” - Dr. Kerulis

The additional ways to know you have had a successful workout from other professionals in the wellness field included:

Feeling better than when you started

Exercises feel easier

You were able to make exercises harder

You have improved form

You feel empowerment

Your contribution to the greater good

Moving through a larger range of motion

Feeling your muscles firing

Increased endurance

Feeling less tired after a workout

Improved mood

Taking steps to manage physical conditions

Created space for yourself

Connecting with others

Inspiring others

Feeling inspired by music

Success depends on individual circumstances and requires continued effort on good days and bad days. One way Dr. Kerulis remains motivated is by remembering how her creativity is fueled by her workouts, and she takes time to rest and enjoy life other ways, too.

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