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Dr Michele Kerulis featured with the Idaho Mental Health Counselors Association

Dr. Michele Kerulis is a mental health blogger and known for Psychology Today Sporting Moments and the award-winning Counseling@Northwestern blog. She often teaches other mental heath professionals about how to write blog posts and interact with media in ways that align with their professional ethics codes. She was invited to present her ideas to the Idaho Mental Health Counselors Association in February 2021.

Dr. Kerulis and Jennifer Robertson, MA, were featured in a two-part continuing education event, Engaged and Ethical Media Interactions for Counselors, where they helped counselors in Idaho understand how to:

- Write blog posts that respect client confidentiality (counselors respect the sacred space of the therapy room and do not blog about clients).

- Share information about mental health in factual ways to help with public education efforts and to reduce stigma.

-Navigate boundaries related to public and private social and mainstream media spaces.

Counselors had the opportunity to discuss the use of ethical decision making models, learn ways to outline blog posts, and brainstorm ideas for their own blog posts.

The counselors of Idaho were very energetic and wise in their interpretation of counseling ethics codes as they relate to helping the public understand a variety of mental health topics.

Dr. Kerulis is passionate about helping people learn about counseling and is proud to share her free workbook, Demystify Mental Health.

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