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Dr. Michele Kerulis interviewed about Peloton on The Clip Out Podcast

Click above to listen to The Clip Out podcast or view on Youtube.

I started my group fitness career over 20 years ago and love staying up to date with ways that I can help people stay healthy. While I am no longer working in gyms as an instructor, I still find ways to share my love of fitness with not only my clients, but with others in my life.

Like many people, I jumped on the Peloton craze because I want the connivence of exercising at home and engaging in different types of exercise like cycle, running, and yoga. (As a side note, I am in my second Yoga Teacher Training and can't wait to earn my 300RYT certificate!).

When I'm not using Peloton's audio coaching, I enjoy listening to music and podcasts. I especially enjoy The Clip Out, hosted by Crystal O'Keefe and her husband Tom, which can also be viewed on YoutTube. The pair offer an informative, uplifting, and funny show about "what's happening in and around the world of Peloton."

Crystal's glorious smile and contagious laughter bring light-hearted topics to her audience with regular guests like AASP CMPC Dr. Jenn Mann and business guru John Mills. All three have Peloton based social media pages that are engaging and inspirational.

Needless to say, I was thrilled when I was interviewed by Crystal and Tom on The Clip Out during their segment Checking in with the Peloton Community when they interview real people who love Peloton.

Crystal and Tom O'Keefe interview Dr. Michele Kerulis on The Clip Out Podcast Episode 224 Cody Rigsby to Join "Dancing With the Stars" plus our interview with Michele Kerulis.

During The Clip Out, I discussed my career in the field of Sport & Exercise Psychology, how Sister Jean of Loyola University of Chicago inspired me to integrate lifelong fitness and helping others into my career, my favorite Peloton based pages (LEO Wives of Peloton, First Responders of Peloton, Run, Lift, & Live, and Hard Core on the Floor), and how Jonny Imerman of Imerman Angels inspired me through my own cancer treatment.

I also discussed how Peloton users create an organic sense of community with my opinions based on my colleague Dr. Eric Beeson's research about sense of community among our graduate counseling students at The Family Institute at Northwestern University.

Please take a listen or view the episode on YouTube and share your thoughts with me.

  • I'd like to extend a thank you to Crystal O'Keefe and Tom O'Keefe for their hospitality during my episode and for continuing to provide uplifting content to people who love exercise.

  • Sending special love to the family, friends, and colleagues of Officer Ella French, Chicago Police Memorial Foundation, and the Chicago Police Department.

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Hello! I just listened to your podcast interview on The Thoughtful Counselor (from March of this year) and it's having me rethink some things!

I have been a yoga instructor for years and am currently in a MS in Health Psychology program bc, like you, I love the idea of offering an even more holistic approach to fitness.

But after listening to your program I am beginning to wonder if, in order to best serve my clients, I need to be considering a program with a licensure track.

Do you (or anyone else reading) have any insights that may help me with this decision?

Thank you!

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