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What is Black History Month?

What is Black History Month is an original poem written by Dr. Tonya Davis, a professor at The Family Institute at Northwestern University.

What is Black History Month

Dr. Tonya Davis

Image inspired by More Than a Month Documentary and Morton Grove Public Library

Let me start by saying, before we go too far,

Black History Month is not just a month that explains who a few prominent Black people are!

It’s about recognizing and paying respect,

To all those who worked hard and demanded a check.

It’s about people who sacrificed or risked their lives,

So that their children, you and I would not have to worry about emotional debt.

It’s a time when we ponder, from that whence we have come,

And where it is we are trying to go, before we have even begun.

So what is Black history month? It’s a month that lasts a year,

It’s a yearlong month to reflect on and cherish, those we hold so dear.

It’s a month that lasts a year because some of us need more time to reflect,

A lot longer than the 28 days the calendar says we get.

We thank those who have come before us, and taught us what to say,

Thankful to God for all the lessons learned and then giving up all the praise.

It’s a month that lasts a year because it takes time to make wrong things right,

In order to truly do this, then we must with immeasurable love and light.

So what is Black History Month?

It’s about reflecting on ALL the events of today as well as ALL those from our past.

It’s also about where we are going,

And helping folks who may not have.

It’s about everyone giving life their all, so that others may take heed,

Just how much can be accomplished with Faith the size of a mustard seed.

What is Black history month? It's an essential question and I’m glad you asked,

It’s about EVERYONE acknowledging the good and bad, and to identify ways we can learn from the past.

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