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Getting Help

I understand that life can be hectic.


That's why I offer services in five different ways,

so more people can learn my tips and techniques for creating a life you love!


See below for ways to get started.

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Lifestyle Wellness Consulting

 Over the past 18 years, I have provided unique strategies to improve my overall wellness. My fresh perspective sparks a holistic awareness and pathway for growth.

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Sports Consulting

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I provide individual counseling for high achievers to help address mental health, wellness, and performance goals. I am a Chicago-based Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC), who is also licensed in Florida (LMHC). I provide in-person and video conference counseling services with theraLINK, a HIPAA-compliant platform.

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Keynote & Media Expert 

As a nationally recognized keynote speaker and graduate of the National Speaker's Association-IL Speakers Academy, I design programs that grab audiences' attention and leave them energized, inspired, and motivated. 

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Writing & Editing

I produce original writing and editing services in several formats including academic journal articles, textbook chapters, and through online formats. I edit manuscripts (mainstream and APA style) and assist authors in clarifying their messages.

My Approach

I use evidence-based practices to ensure excellent sessions.  I specialize in helping high achievers gain insight into the way their experiences, thoughts, behaviors, and emotions relate to mental health and wellness. 


This psychodynamic perspective helps people understand how their past experiences, both positive and negative, play a role in their current personal and professional relationships and circumstances. Understanding these patterns helps people learn how to lead even more successful lives. 

About me

Hi, I am Dr. Michele Kerulis, a professor of counseling and sports psychology, author, private practice clinical therapist, and professional speaker. Starting my early career as a fitness instructor, I quickly became a thought leader in sports, exercise, and counseling through my academic, professional, and clinical roles.



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I encourage you to prioritize wellness even when it is not easy. Wellness, like other lifestyle aspects, can be strengthened with time and practice.

– Dr. Michele Kerulis

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